• Villa at the Park
    Hamburg, Germany


    Client: private

    Completion: 2009

    Living space: 375 sqm




    Starting point for the design of the Villa was the integration of the building into the landscape.



  • Very old trees of one of Hamburgs most traditional parks stand on part of the private plot. Neither the trees nor their roots could be disturbed. The whole house is therefore built on pillars.

    One tree was completely integrated: It actually grows through the house. 


  • Other than the bedding into the landscape, the requirement was to consider all needs of the family, which are multiple when needing to satisfy both parents and their four children (and their dog) and still not lose sight of a wanted clarity and straightness.

    Furthermore the clients often receive representatives of the cultural and political class of Hamburg. The house then has to cater to official functions and familial needs at the same time.


  • The groundplan is mainly composed by two elements:

    To the north the childrens’ wing. Developing from the south to the east the wing dedicated to the living rooms and the parents domain. 

    The space in-between these two wings forms the courtyard and thereby creates a second living area outside.  

    This area is the central point geometrically and functionally.

  • The Villa won the award from the German Architecture Association (Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA) and the award "Best Building of the Year 2010" from the German Newspaper "Die Welt".