• Temporary Chapel Hamburg Hafencity, Germany

    Client: Offene Kirche Hamburg

    Completion: 2008

    Floor space: 70 sqm


    The architectural concept for the chapel is closely linked to the very small budget

    The realisation was only possible due to our idea to use already existing building material.


  • It all started with wrongly ordered glass panes for a different construction site, that were donated by the Hamburg-based company Haskamp.

    These glass panes made the construction of a low-priced shell possible.


  • As a temporary building this chapel is built in a modular way so that it can be dissassembled and reassembled somewhere else.

    When looking at the building one must know about the very tight budget which at all times necessitated intelligent and simple constructive details – without giving up on a high design-standard or the spatial quality.

  • To satisfy the needs of a sacral space the transparent facade was doubled-up from the inside with horizontal wooden panels which do not allow to look in from the outside and at the same time create a very special atmosphere inside.