• Kitzb├╝hel Mansion Tyrolia, Austria

    Client: private

    Completion: 2010

    Living space: 520 sqm


    Eventhough the overall architectural formulation and the detailed implementation is very modern, local materials were used as a tribute to the traditional Tyrolean architecture.

    The architecture actually reflects the atmosphere and the vibrations of the beautiful surrounding landscape. 


  • The building is just as proud and headstrong as the inhabitants of this mountaineous region and just as elegant and classy as the town of Kitzbuehel, without ever being show-off or ever losing respect of the immediate neighbours.


  • Based on the lines of sight, the aimed insertion in the hillside and the specific spatial needs, we planned two wings arranged around a central atrium.

    The two wings symbolize two pieces of wood chipped by an axe. The central area symbolizes the fire.

  • The upper wing houses the different living areas: the main living room, the reading room, the family room, the wellness area and it allows you to access the roof terrace. From here you reign over the mountains. You can see from the Kitzbueheler Horn to the Wilder Kaiser right up unto the Streif.

  • The upper wing and its living room.

    Not a single mountain could be seen from the plot before the house was built.

  • The different bed- and bathrooms are located in the west in the lower wing of the building.

  • The lower wing seen from the south. The building blends into its surroundings. 

  • One of the bedrooms in the lower wing, with its fine view.

  • The central atrium is open to both courtyards and due to its location and the mirror cabinets, it allows you to see into most parts of the house.

    The atrium is transparent and it melts into the nature during the day.


  • It is dazzling and full of magical reflections during the night.

  • In addition to the architectural planning, the entire interior was designed by splendid architecture.

  • From custom-made cabinets to the cutlery - everything was either designed or handpicked by us.

  • We love different materials and are proud to have used recycled Tyrolean woodplanks outside as well as inside.

  • We love different fabrics and are proud to have worked with our Hamburg-based partners for all custom-made sofas and beds.

  • The feeling of comfort and cosiness that can be felt in every room is also a result of working with excellent craftsmen.

  • We love lighting and are proud to have used outstanding objects as highlights.